Vinalo Mabunalo

Healer and Botanist, looking to the future with a smile

Balmung - Crystal datacenter


Nameday:32nd Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Gender:Non-binary (They/Them)
Height:2' 11.5"
Occupation:Healer, Botanist, Author
Relationship:Happily married to Mimisha Misha
Hobbies:Meditation, tending plants, brewing & drinking tea, walking

Given a traditional male name and raised as a boy, Vinalo was expected to be a proud miner like their father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before them. But it simply was not meant to be. After many years of conflict and uncertainty, a final argument with their father left the young Lalafell without a home to return to.Vinalo wandered for some time, taking meager jobs and doing what they could to survive on their own. It wasn't until they heard an mysterious sound from the Twelveswood that they truly found their place in the world, and found peace with themself.Vinalo is ever an optimist, and believes strongly in the power of hope to give people strength, as it does for them so often.Theme:

RP Hooks

  • Healing: Vinalo is an experienced healer, and is always willing to hear out someone in need.

  • Botany: As an enthusiast of all things plants, Vinalo is happy to chat with a fellow plant-lover. Also will take a look at any ailing plant.

  • Shroud Resident: Though they've only been able to settle down in the last couple years, Vinalo has lived in the Black Shroud for over a decade, so you might've seen this red-haired Lalafell in the past.

OOC Stuff

Hello there, and thanks for reading my carrd! Just a few things here:

  • Open to in-game and possibly Discord RP. Walk-ups very welcome!

  • RP tag = in-character

  • Okay with most themes, but please discuss anything major beforehand.

  • Vinalo is happily married, so romantic stuff isn't going to happen.

  • Absolutely no ERP whatsoever!

Stories - Tales of the Past